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Gardening a Headache
I cover all sizes and types of gardens but
mainly cater for basic gardening services
just to keep the garden under control
for clients and whilst some clients enjoy taking
over the gardening whilst resident in their house,
others keep with the “I’m on holiday” idea
which is fine with me, either way.
I can carry out most general garden duty's, Cutting lawns,
Clearing paths and even cutting down the odd tree. (see project page)
Small Gardens & Large Gardens,
I know what its like turning up to your property thinking
“I wonder how long the grass is ?”
hoping it hasn't grown only to be meet by a jungle as you drive up to the house,
Not forgetting what your neighbours think,
They have to live with it whilst your back in the UK,
how would you feel if the house next door kept letting
the grass grow 2ft high,
Not the best start for fiting in to the community.
All services can be on a regular basis or just a one off’s
Please don't sign any contracts unless you fully understand them,
and don't be shy, if they are in French to ask for a translation, before signing !!
Grass growing out of control,
Feed up spending your holiday gardening.
What our customers are saying about me !                                         
“Highly competent, completely trust worthy and totally reliable.”
“We would have no hesitation in recommending CPS”
“completely confident to rely on CPS”
“I can confidently recommend him for their honesty reliability and dedication”