Caring for Property Safeguarding Investments
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Your Property, Your Home, Your Investment.
I cover most work in and around the house,
garden and pool plus anything else you have,
A quick breakdown of some of my property
services I offer are in the panel on the left, I
can't list everything we do,
So if you don't see what you're after
just email or phone me,
Chances are I've have done it before,
Blocked drains, leaky guttering, locks need
changing, Swimming Pool problems etc.
I like to build a friendly partnership with my
clients so you can relax knowing your property is
in good hands, and not passing tradesman you will never see again.
Pool Maintenance
              Fancy a swim !!
Here’s one we done earlier
I am reliable and dedicated. 
with no children or dependant’s
to worry about,
and fit and able to carry out all
the work we cover !
I also offer a good solid services
at competitive prices.
I am that confident of our services,
I don't try and get you to sign up to a contract of any sort,
(unlike some outfits) that way any time you feel unhappy with any
of my services you can freely move on.
Please don't sign any contracts unless you fully understand them,
and don't be shy, if they are in French to ask for a translation, before signing !!